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 Today’s schools rival the complexity of operation for many a large corporate. So imagine never having to worry about the integrity of your school uniform or its reliable supply. From design to final fitting, this is what Bob Stewart affords your school.


We know what goes into a good uniform. And by “good” we mean what’s good for your school specifically. Bob Stewart offers both in-house design or can work alongside designers of your choice. We can even recommend external designers should you desire. In any event, we facilitate the entire process and bring your ideas to vivid, high-quality, cost-effective life. We make your students look good, and feel proud of their school.

Sometimes you may wish to augment or upgrade your school’s uniform. And through it all, you need to maintain exacting consistency in colour, cut and style. Leave it to us to ensure all your concerns are taken care of; it’s all part of our specialised service.


Students come in all shapes and sizes, and though many of them will do well with off-the-rack solutions, some won’t. And Bob Stewart is proud of the fact that we’ve never had a child we couldn’t fit. Our fitting service is just one of the many small wonders of the in-store experience.



At the heart of the Bob Stewart service are our retail shops, particularly our flagship store in Kew. We keep all the necessities in stock for immediate pick up. Out staff are experts in the field, and will tend to every student with care and attention to detail. Think of us as your schools secret weapon in good old-fashion service.

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