Sustainable & Ethical Uniforms

Bob Stewart is committed to programs which address energy management, waste and responsible manufacturing.

Through our manufacturing operations, we continue to seek the use of lower emission renewable energy whilst targeting increases in our energy efficiency, aiming to reduce our carbon footprint.

In the sourcing of raw materials for production and importantly selection of packaging products, we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our output on the planet. We are currently involved in projects worldwide which address increases in energy efficiency, limitation of waste product, and significant reduction in water usage. We are also investing in research and development into more earth friendly usage of cotton and development of alternative raw materials such as bamboo. 

 School uniform is the ultimate SLOW fashion. 

Uniforms can be worn for years and then passed on to family and friends. The growth of FAST fashion has seen the average time a garment is worn reduced to approximately 10 wears before it is discarded. This has seen the worldwide garment production double in the last 15 years severely impacting the sustainability of our planet. 

Current projects include

  • Replacing polyester with recycled polyester, including buttons, blazer linings and blended fabrics
  • Removing waste from our packaging
  • Using recycled packaging and packing multiple garments rather that individual single use packaging.
  • Development of bamboo based products
  • Reduce paper usage by improving our digital connection with our customers

Bob Stewart uses a combination of local and off shore manufacturing. Bob Stewart is committed to continuing our support of Australian manufacturers, some of whom we have been partnering with for generations.

Bob Stewart’s off shore manufacturers are all internationally accredited and we are committed to transparent supply chain, ensuring we look after the people manufacturing your uniforms. We also visit our manufacturers to see firsthand that international standards are being met, and to create an intangible connection with our supply partners.

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