Why are we involved? GRATITUDE!

Standing on the shoulders of giants.

At Bob Stewart we are very conscious of how fortunate we are. We run a successful business thanks to:

The generations who went before us and bequeathed the business and its culture of integrity and service

Our great staff – past and present – who bring so many wonderful talents and gifts into their work at Bob’s

Our customers and their honesty & sense of fairness, their willingness and openness to trying something new and for challenging us to always improve

Our Australian community and its fair laws and institutions, along with the network of people who support our business

Our Suppliers who deal with us honestly and respectfully

Charities We Support

Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre – In memory of Suzi Juracic

In memory of our dear colleague Suzi Juracic who lost her courageous battle with cancer – January 2024.  Please find the ONJ donation link below.


Friday Night School is an independent non-denominational educational charity that assists migrant and refugee students from non-English speaking backgrounds. This program is available to pre-schoolers, primary and secondary students as well as their parents.

Secondary students from various Melbourne schools volunteer to provide one-on-one tutoring in a collaborative and informal environment at St Ignatius’ Parish hall in Richmond on Friday evenings.

Friday Night School provides tutoring, scholarship opportunities and financial assistance for school needs.  It provides an annual camp and other social activities to children and their parents.


MacKillop Family Services, a Catholic community agency, exists to support, foster hope, and promote justice for children, young people and families, particularly those who have experienced distress, disadvantage and abuse.

MacKillop Family Services are culturally responsive and provide support to families through a number of programs including parenting support, children’s playgroups and family skills training.  They also provide assistance to those families experiencing alcohol or other drug misuse.

MacKillop works to create change in families by building on strengths and working with people to achieve their goals.


Jesuit Social Services is a social change organisation with a vision of building a just society. They believe that working collaboratively with others is key to achieving this vision.

Jesuit Social Services works to build a just society where all people can live to their full potential – by partnering with community to support those most in need and working to change polices, practices, ideas and values that perpetuate inequality, prejudice and exclusion.


“We believe the world is in need of a change. We believe that all people in every nation have the right to the opportunity to develop themselves; very few actually have this opportunity.”

The Marist vision is of a world that reflects the Marist’s desire that vulnerable young people are brought towards the centre from the margins through access to education.  Their mission is to empower young people by enhancing their human dignity and developing their capacity to transform their lives and communities.

Marist’s stand in solidarity with their international family to build their capacity through comprehensive education programs that start from the ground up. With the assistance of Marists throughout Australia, including their fifty-two schools, and international partners, they are currently providing support to education programs across sixteen countries in Asia and the Pacific.

 Our involvement with these charities comes from our sense of gratitude for what we have and a desire to give something back. As most of our business is in school uniform we try to give back to disadvantage children and young people. We have a personal connection to each of the charities listed above and take an active interest in their work.

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